Some websites I either fully built, or have played a major part in customizing the sites over the years. Most of these sites involve eCommerce in one way or another.

Ace It Labs Website for selling my custom magneto extension(s).
American Legacy Fishing Large Magento site that sells everything fishing related.
Food Fort Collins Online food ordering in fort collins area.
Homeware Wholesale Online dollar store.
Misspellings On Ebay Search eBay for misspelled listings.
Ninja SellingReal estate industry related.
Font DinerBuy custom made fonts.
Audio TranscriptionistUpload media files, and purchase transcription services from those uploaded media files.
Sports Collectors DailySport card collecting website.
Fresh PolosMagento site that sells Polo shirts.
Digi ContractsLegal Contract generator.
Black Diamond Shutzhund Ring SportDog training related site.
A-Affordable Transmissions CenterTransmission repair in Denver

PHP Projects

These are some PHP projects that I developed or greatly contributed to.

Tweet Product SearchMagento 1.9.x extension that integrates with Twitter.
Druapal Extra Fields Checkout PaneCo-maintainer of Extra Fields Checkout Pane, this module impressive custom information now built with ubercart to orders.
DruaplRestrict Login Access by IP AddressCo-maintainer of Restrict Login Access by IP Address module that restricts roles by ip.
Ubercart Marketplace FeesMaintainer of the Ubercart marketplace module that allows sellers to set their own fees for their store.
Media: KalturaMaintainer of an embedded media sub-module, meant for Kaltura video with drupal.
Marketplace Paypal Web Payments ProMaintainer of the Marketplace Paypal Web Payments Pro module that allows sellers to set their own paypal WPP data for their store.

Older Websites

This is a small list of sites that may no longer exist, or have changed extensively since I worked on them. In all cases, have done extensive development work on them in the past.

  • Taste The Plate
  • Rental Hot Spot
  • Town of Frisco (Colorado)
  • Festive Print
  • With Love From Above
  • Mod Fan
  • NBM
  • TV Parts For Sale
  • TweetTronics
  • Women On Call
  • Tattered Angels
  • Casablanca  Fan Company
  • Slow Down Youtube